Dead Energy through the veins! Get this exclusive Starcards T-Shirt and it's NFT on the WAX Blockchain!

Dead Energy T-Shirt & NFT

  • Regular Fit - contemporary modeling, slightly clinched fit, sleeve centered on the forearm.

    Mesh (100% Combed Cotton)

    The most used mesh. Combed yarn (longer fibers) and excellent breathability.

    DTG stamped art:

    Popularly known as digital printing, the real name of the technique is direct printing on fabric, derived from the English Direct To Garment (DTG).

    Digital printing is the most modern form of personalization for t-shirts, as it allows the printing of colorful prints in a very short production time. Each t-shirt is placed individually on a tray of our printer, which prints the pattern in the same way as home printers work. The difference is that it is a large format printer and uses special ink for fabrics.