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Its the Season of he Witch! - The FAST QUIZZ    4/5

  • Play in Full Screen.

  • You have 24hrs to stay in the Leaderboards.

  • Must own a Season Pass!

  • Must submit your wallet address in the Leaderboards

  • Match the Questions with the right answers!

⁃ Must Own at least one Ascension Season Pass to participate!
⁃ Must submit your Twitter and Wallet IDs in the Leaderboards
⁃ You can Play multiple times!
⁃ If you play more than once, make sure your Twitter ID and Wallet address are exactly the same as the other time you have played before
⁃ Leaderboards will last for 24hrs

Top 10 - 3 Pumpkin Shards
Top 20 - 2 Pumpkin Shards
Top 30 - 1 Pumpkin Shard


The Season of the Witch2.png
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